Talkshowhosts going to release in Puerto Rico-tweet Trump

Research by the government turn out 3,000 people have died as a result of the hurricane and the months-long absence of power after the disaster. It took a long time before the U.s. government substantial assistance offered. Puerto Rico has within the USA, a separate status, but falls under the responsibility of Washington.

In The Daily Show suggested presenter Trevor Noah that “all the quarrels that Trump elicits a matter of time before he is arguing with dead people would make”. Then he showed a ’meteorologist’ predictions about Shitstorm Donald where the land is located next to hurricane Florence need to prepare for. “Shitstorm Donald is increased to category 5 and continues to rage on, without anything of the facts to draw,” said Noah.


Stephen Colbert remarked in The Late Show that Trump regularly with his Twitter messages, the attention that you are trying to lead the various major problems which his government struggles. “As if you were the judge, because you have a cup out of the window have thrown and says: I did it only because I was distracted by the homeless man that I have just run over.”

On Late Night with Seth Meyers took the presenter is also hard to Trump. “These are official figures of people who have died, you idiot”, grumbled he. “Now we know why he looks so orange looking. His brains in existence for entirely from pompoenenpulp.”

Meyers also responded to the anonymous official who last week in The New York Times from the school clapped and told me that a lot of people in the White House in the silence of the president of islam. “We have no anonymous source needed to see that Trump is a narcissist is that you can believe in idiotic conspiracy theories.” The comedian mentioned as examples the claim that former president Barack Obama was not born in US, would be the thesis that there are at least three million people illegally voted would have in the presidential election and the claim that muslims would have been on 9/11, partying through the streets would have walked.

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