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Spoorloze Chinese superstar is not a good example more for the youth

No Chinese actress, more famous than Fan Bingbing. She was seen in “X-men” and made advertising for Louis Vuitton. But she is already three months without a trace. She is probably out of favour with the government, but even that is silent.

Suppose Jennifer Lawrence suddenly disappears. Probably it takes three months for the specialized blades wondering what is going on. But that is exactly what is happening now with Fan Bingbing …

Suppose Jennifer Lawrence suddenly disappears. Probably it takes three months for the specialized blades wondering what is going on. But that is exactly what is happening now with Fan Bingbing, one of the most famous actresses in China – and certainly the most well-known actress beyond. At the end of may, she gave her last sign of life.

Fan played the mutant Blink in ” X-Men: Days of future past’. They stole in may still the show on the red carpet in Cannes, as every year actually. Fan regularly sits in the front row at parades of Valentino or Dior, advertising for Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc and Guerlain, and builds a bridge between the Chinese and western luxury brands. The ‘drakenjurk’ by Laurence Hsu, who in 2010 wore in Cannes now hangs in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Two contracts

This year she was in Cannes promoting the spionagefilm ‘355’ with Marion Cotillard, Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o and Penelope Cruz. The shots would soon have to start. On may 24, she put on a promotional film for the diamanthuis The Beers on Youtube. Since then, waiting for her 62 million followers on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter, on news of their idol.

Probably has her mysterious disappearance to do with a tweet a few days later. Cui Yongyuan, one of the nieuwsankers on the staatsomroep, had on Weibo two contracts posted for ‘Cell phone’, Fans a big breakthrough. According to the first one she had 1.6 million dollars earned – the amount she had also indicated to the tax. According to the second, she had 7.8 million dollar receive.

It was not meant so

Social media was a disgrace spoken about the huge wages that the actors pocket and about the practice of with official and “black” contracts to work. Newsreader Cui had already regretted his tweet. He was not Fan Bingbing, but Feng Xiaogang want to affect, the director of the film. Cui thinks that the main character from ‘Cell phone’, a tv presenter who chantagemateriaal on their mobile stores, a shameful version of himself.

A few weeks later, the government announced a campaign against the ‘decadence’ in the film. The maximumgages which actors are allowed to earn, are sharply limited, even for movies that are in the private sector are made. Fan Bingbing was not mentioned by name, not even when investigations into tax evasion in the film industry were announced.

Collateral damage

The rumors swell day after day: a Fan would have fled abroad, are in prison or under house arrest. The actress is clearly out of favor cases. The war film ‘Air strike’with Bruce Willis would be in August in Chinese cinemas, but that has been postponed and Fans name of the posters removed. She is suddenly at the bottom in an official list famous Chinese people assess their ‘social responsibility’. Fan is clearly not a good example more for the Chinese youth.

‘Fan Bingbing is collateral damage in a campaign that is still unclear, ” says Hung Huang in The New York Times. The American-Chinese Hung has his own talk show and a blog, she acted ever, and she is editor-in-chief of the modemagazine iLook. ‘Maybe this is a campaign against the decadence of the showbiz, maybe a campaign against tax evasion. That it is so vague, makes people nervous. But they should be clear as an example to larger players. There is a Chinese saying: sometimes you need a chicken slaughter to monkey to scare them off.’

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