School says sorry for ’colorize’ white students

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LYON – A French art school has apologised for the manipulation of a class picture that American students lured to be. On the photo were white students black colored.

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This can’t really, say more former students.

Former students of the Émile Cohl school saw their picture on an American website. In the original photo is no of pupils black. In the doctored photograph were three faces ’coloured’ and black.

Two other black people were to the picture, among whom a girl left in the middle. Who that in reality, is not known.

Critics on social media that the school actually places should give to black students in place of that to feign.

The school says that the manipulation by an American pr company, and knew nothing of it. All the material is removed. “This is the opposite of what we are,” says director Antoine Rivière at L’Express.

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