Robbie Williams is a lot more relaxed with third child

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Robbie Williams and Ayda Field

“It’s funny. With our first we said ’ssst, the baby is asleep! ” when people came in or if a door was slammed shut. Now the television on, run the two other children through the house, barking the dogs sleep and the baby just quietly by without the end of the world”, says Robbie. “There is no question of jealousy at the other two, they give her kisses and cuddle a lot together. Teddy, our daughter, wants her feed, so that’s all going to be fine.”


Mother Ayda made last week Friday via Instagram known that the family was rich. “We have a very special secret kept!”, she wrote with a photo showing the five hands of the family Williams. “It is a long and difficult road to get here, so we have kept quiet. Family comes in all forms. This little girl, who is biologically ours, was worn by an incredible surrogate, which we are eternally grateful. We are thrilled with this wonderful girl into our lives and blessed that we live in a world where this is possible.”

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