Possessions disappeared cyberexpert found in Norway

Norwegian authorities have confirmed that assets recovered are of Arjen Kamphuis, who is associated with klokkenluiderswebsite WikiLeaks. He disappeared three weeks ago.

On August 20, disappeared from the Dutch cybersecurityexpert after his hotel in the northern Norwegian city of Bodø had left. His possessions were to the east of Bodø, found by a fisherman. Bizarrely enough, had the police for ten days after man’s disappearance still observed that his two mobile phones switched on very briefly had more than 1,700 kilometres of the current invention.

“Because the investigation is still ongoing, we have no further information about what exactly was found,” says the local police. According to local media include a kayak and the identity card of Kamphuis.

The police are keeping all options open regarding the disappearance. More specifically, they examine three runs: a ” voluntary disappearance’ (including suicide), accident or evil intent. Previously a mess of it that they have no specific theories pursued, and that there were no grounds to believe that there is crime in the game.

Kamphuis is a friend to the home of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. So he went to visit Assange in the embassy of Ecuador in London. Or he also actually did something for WikiLeaks, is not known. The klokkenluiderswebsite sent on 1 september a tweet about the disappearance of the Dutchman into the world.

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