10 Questions

Of a farmer to katoenplukker

Three blockbusters movies on your tv tonight. Or you can look at children who sing.


Caz 20.40-22.55 hours

Matthias Schoenaerts is poignant as Jacky Vanmarsenille, a young cattle farmer that the demons from his past must fight against at the time that the murder of a veekeurder him in the attention of the police.


One 23.30-1.30 pm

Michael Douglas is a slick businessman in a real game for keeps. And in a haunting thriller.


VTM 20.40-22.30 hrs

Gers Pardoel is sitting on one chair, the K3 place to share one. That makes the kids of The voice kids very happy. We highly recommend this program not per se, we warn people with children just like for you depends on it for the next few weeks.


Canvas 21.20-23.35 hours

This is the story of Johnny Cash. His music changed the world, and he grew up to be a true icon. Johnny Cash was not born as countrylegende. First picked, he cotton, went as a seller of door-to-door and was in the air force. But when he the Sun Studios in Memphis entered the court, changed his life forever. His unique voice made him a star. He toured America with legendary names as Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis. But at the height of his fame, threatened the star to succumb to a destructive lifestyle and drug addiction. Only when he and June Carter, the woman of his life, met, taught Johnny the fine border between greatness and destruction to follow.

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