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New cross, in the cross goes by… at the university

Sunday, January 6, drops the veldritpeloton off to Brussels for a brand new cross, the Brussels Universities Cyclocross. On the grounds of both the VUB as a ULB for the seventh round of the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy place.

It is the first time that a cross perching in the Brussels-Capital Region. Between the auditorium and the green of the VUB and ULB will find the veldrittop a varied trail back to showcase their capabilities. “You can have this new cross a bit like a parkcross, but with the presence of impressive buildings,” says Erwin Vervecken of organiser Golazo Sports Friday in a press release.

“It is something unique on the 6th of January. Thanks to the presence of a lot of inclined planes (slopes), we can on the campuses of the VUB and ULB a nice track design. The passage to the well-known flight of steps to the cafeteria of the VUB can, depending on the weather, sometimes the key moment during the race,” says Vervecken.

The Brussels Universities Cyclocross race on the calendar in the place of the Soudal Cyclocross Leuven. The contest in Leuven moves to 23 February and remains part of the Soudal Classics.

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