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Mia Doornaert: ‘Procedure is a pretext for other settlements’

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Mia Doornaert has Friday night responded to the protest of the Flemish publishing rights society against her appointment as chairman of the Fund for the Arts.

In July, it was announced that Mia Doornaert (72) Jos Geysels would succeed as chairman of the Flemish Literature Fund (FLF), the institution to which the Flemish letterenbeleid responsible. That was a lot of criticism welcomed, because they are not according to the book would have expired. And so got the Flemish publishing rights society (VAV) to the Council of State for the annulment of the decision.

The columnist and former reporter for The Standard, don’t let it get to her heart, turned out Friday night at Canvas. “They do what they can’t, more I have not to say about it,” she said in The appointment on Friday. Nevertheless, it was a little later that the procedure before the Council of State, according to her ‘a pretext for settling scores.” “But I don’t want to that level to descend to. I see it on.’ In July, she had said that the campaign of ‘politically motivated’.

When Doornaert a letter received stating that they have been appointed to the chair, she went there to say from that everything is according the procedure had expired. Hence they are currently appointed. “I got a letter with my appointment (…) I assume that I named ben. A clause in the Council of State does not work suspending, as far as I know. I’ll say it again: I see it.”

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