Man drives into passers-by in Nîmes

13782ba1c1bc4cf74f2b6a240117d34a - Man drives into passers-by in Nîmes

NÎMES – A man is in the night from Thursday to Friday in Nîmes with his car, and drove down on passers-by.

Archive photo of French police

In the city was the press in connection with the start of a oogstfestival that until Sunday, takes. Two people were slightly injured, reported the newspaper Midi Libre.

The incident was much more serious without the barriers that there are with the eye on the terrorist threat are placed.

The police go there, however, as yet, not that the perpetrator is a terrorist motive. However, we can assume that he is intentionally on people rammed. He could be overpowered by bystanders when he got out of the car stepped in and tried to flee.

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