Lisa del Bo gives you five unique kerkconcerten

For Lisa del Bo is a wish fulfilled, now they ve unique kerkconcerten with the title ‘Lisa believes’ can give. Her faith has Lisa never under the chairs or benches are put. It makes her happy and gives her a lot of confidence.

Hale N. V. exists of this fall of 65, and that they want to celebrate with all the employees on the spot and with the readers of Church & Life.
“Lisa believes” is a unique concert with singer Lisa del Bo. In an intimate setting sing Lisa a selection of the most beautiful religious songs complemented with numbers that the message of tolerance, hope, love for each other and gratitude to convey.

No frills, but pure, authentic and genuine, testifies to the singer of her faith. Now once subdued, then again joyously, but always with conviction. In addition to the beautiful songs and the beautiful music to create inspiring bindteksten of ‘Lisa believes” a charming concert that people will undoubtedly love it.

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