Isa and Medina tour with overgangshow

d7e565251da306256a0b31c7128f6fe2 - Isa and Medina tour with overgangshow

Medina Schuurman and Isa Hoes

In the summer, played the two already have a number of try-outs in Utrecht. In the depiction examine Case, and Schuurman to the position of the aging woman in this society. They do this, say that ’on a candid and personal way, peppered with a large dose of humor and play’.

The actresses want to go on with the show and the book, the transition from the taboesfeer. Each evening will also be a mysteryguest enjoy to talking about the subject. Among the guests on stage enjoy are Richard Groenendijk, Mylene d’anjou, and Aaf Brandt Corstius.

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