Internet calls to Nicolas Cage as the next Superman

After yesterday announced that British actor Henry Cavill are Supermancape hooked, sounds the call to Nicolas Cage as the next performer of the DC Comics superhero, louder and louder. Reports that New Musical Express (NME). Cage would have been a big fan of Superman – he called his son even Kal-El, the birth name of the superhero on his home planet, Krypton.

Cage gave his all even shape to the animatieversie of Superman (in “Teen Titans GO To The Movies”), but now see fans of him also as the actual live-action successor of Cavill on the white cloth. On social media such as Twitter and Facebook, it is raining call to Cage’s casting as the new Superman.

According to certain sources, it did not have many close Cage was already seen in the role of Superman. The story doing the round in Tinseltown that Cage are snared for the superheldenrol directed by Tim Burton. The film would be ‘Superman Reborn’ called. The script was subsequently many times adjusted, and the title changed to ‘Superman Lives’. The project reached the voorproductiefase – where photos uitlekten of a young luke Cage and posing in the iconic superheldenpak – until the studio (Warner Bros.) decided to pull the plug.

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