Hurricane Florence is going mad about North Carolina

c3a9fbdaa2f2dea96d9414285115a338 - Hurricane Florence is going mad about North Carolina

Wilmington – UPDATE 14.00 PM The strength decreased, but still dangerous hurricane Florence is in Wilmington in the U.s. state of North Carolina to land gone.

The weather that the hurricane is accompanied, caused for quite some time, floods, and other causes. In more than 300,000 households in North Carolina and is the current all failed, reported local media.

In coastal areas, many streets flooded by heavy rainfall. The high opgestuwde waves of the sea also ensure that rivers their water is not lost can and outside their borders.

Along the coasts of North and South Carolina and Virginia are in total 1.7 million people dedicated to pull away from the coast. The hurricane is now just a category 1, but still has winds of up to 145 kilometers per hour.

Florence is tracking to the National Hurricane Centre on land went in Wrightsville Beach, which is only 8 miles from the center of Wilmington.

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