’Hard writers Bond working on new script”

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Robert Wade and Neal Purvis

Purvis and Wade already had a verhaalidee developed when Boyle is in the project covenant and a new script wrote. In the story, according to rumors more female roles than is normally the case.

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Bond-film director Danny Boyle was ” a big fan of 007’

Boyle and the producers would be an insurmountable creative difference of opinion about the scenario and the intended actor for the schurkenrol. The pictures of Bond 25 would be in december from the start; the premiere was in October 2019 planned.

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Actor denies schurkenrol in James Bond

The problems with the director mean that the project probably until the end of 2020 in the cinemas to see. The question is whether the leading actor Daniel Craig once again returns as Bond. The actor is the fifty already passed, and has already often been shown to have enough of the role. In addition, he would only tack thanks to the recordsalaris of up to 25 million dollars and the collaboration with Danny Boyle as a director.

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