Comeback Stengs is getting closer

“Calvin is going to be very good, I am extremely happy about,” says trainer John van den Brom about the 19-year-old talent.

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AZ with Maher in selection against Feyenoord

The vleugelaanvaller ran over a year ago a heavy kruisbandblessure and training already for a few weeks with the group. Van den Brom is under the impression of what the player from its own youth show.

Also Marko Vejinovic, who also was hit by a spicy kruisbandblessure, there good for. For him, the same applies as for Stengs: his comeback is getting closer. “Marko is in his rehabilitation, even for Stengs”, says Van den Brom. “He plays soon to be a practice game to wedstrijdritme to do.”

Midfielder Adam Maher, who this week for one season was set, is in the selection for the duel with Feyenoord. “He has the past few wedstrijdminuten made, but a lot of training”, says Van den Brom, who is overjoyed with his new acquisition. “He is fit and well enough to be part of the selection.”

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