Blind retrieves out to critics

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Daley Blind: “a Lot of people to talk to each other.”

“I thought it was mostly very exaggerated. A lot of people to talk to each other. I think that’s a pity, it is not necessary”, says Blind.

“I want to be there actually, not too much to say about it, there is already enough talk about it and the media, you win the not yet. It has no meaning to the battle and over and over again to fire. Everyone is free to give his opinion, and if someone is a good feeling to have for something to say, I think that’s fine. It’s not fun, but it is part of it.”

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The defensive qualities of Daley Blind was heavily criticized after the international matches with Peru and France.

Blind looks the personal back on a successful interlandperiode. “I think that, for the Netherlands, two good races were, especially if you look at the two second halves. Against France we really show what we can and want to. France took maybe a little gas back, but as a team we show that we can perform. We can take it further.”

The duel with FC Groningen Saturday is a special one for the Blind, who in the 2009-2010 season by Ajax for a year was lent to the northerners.

“It was a long time ago, but for me it was an important period in my career. I am FC Groningen grateful for the opportunity that I have had and will always have a special feeling for the club.”

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