Anne Faber: of loss lawsuit

UTRECHT, the netherlands – Monday and Tuesday, the court in Utrecht, the criminal case against Michael P., who is suspected of the murder, rape and kidnap of Anne Faber. The loss of the 25-year-old student drew nationwide attention.

29 september 2017:

Faber starts around 17.00 hours on a bike ride. Five minutes after that she sends a WhatsApp message to her friend that she is in Hollandsche Rading. Around 18.50 hours she sends him a rain-soaked selfie from Baarn. Afterwards nothing more of her was heard.

30 september 2017:

In the small hours of the night turns the family and the police. The family members report that there are no reasons to believe that Faber himself out of the picture wanted to disappear. There is a opsporingsbericht spread and a rechercheteam composed.

3 October 2017:

There is a jacket found, it appears from Faber. In a pond In the Blookerpark in Huis ter Heide is also her bike found and a few days later in the park, her backpack. The pond is emptied, but the woman remains missing.

October 9, 2017:

The 27-year-old Michael P. is held for involvement in the disappearance. The man is a prison sentence for the violent rape of two girls of sixteen and seventeen years. He reside in the forensic psychiatric department of a clinic in Den Dolder, the netherlands and gets a leave of absence to prepare for a return in the society.

12 October 2017:

Faber is, after a search of nearly two weeks found dead at the Nulderpad in Zeewolde, where she is buried. The police announces that P. is suspected of involvement in her death. Her body is found after the instructions of P., that in the area lived.

October 21, 2017:

After a private funeral ceremony in a packed St. stevens church in Nijmegen is the body of Faber cremated.

January 10, 2018:

In the district court in Utrecht is the first pre-trial hearing. Michael P. is suspected of murder or manslaughter, deprivation of liberty and rape of Faber. He is not present. His lawyer, Niels Dorrestein let you know that P. has known. He would be an ,,extensive, detailed, and perceived” declaration have passed.

March 23, 2018:

During the second pre-trial hearing in Utrecht comes out that P. his victim under the duress of a knife has taken on his scooter, its has been abused, and then with a knife killed. P. is now also not present at the hearing.

26 may:

The Volkskrant publishes a reader’s letter from the father of Anne Faber, in which he harsh criticism from the court – and especially the chairman – that the punishment of P. due to the double rape reduced. The death of his daughter had can be prevented, says Wim Faber.

11 and 12 June:

The criminal proceedings against P., will be treated. In February of battered P. five employees of the Pieter Baan Centre. Also these facts he is charged with. Attorney Dorrestein says that P. the court will come.

The ruling is scheduled on 17 July.

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