ADO hopes on ’Spanish influence’ against PSV

ADO coach Fons Groenendijk

ADO coach Fons Groenendijk think that Mark van Bommel are players in the race for the title aware that in The Hague, a tough job awaits.

“I think Van Bommel they they warn. Of course, I also see that it is only about Barcelona. I think that’s fine. For us, tomorrow is absolutely the most important race, is also a busy period. We will look from match to match and I think that they will do, but you can’t to that it’s also about Barcelona. That I have at a football club itself, again likewise experienced (Groenendijk was assistant coach at Ajax amsterdam, red.). You also know that she’s there with European football around sometimes stitches drop.”

“Or the program of PSV for our one advantage is, you can afterwards say,” says the coach, who on the basis of a list of questions outlines that there is also against the champion something to get there for his team.

“PSV has more quality? Then the answer is yes. But there are more questions. Can we as ADO being to work harder? That answer is also yes. We can have more duels to win? Yes. We can more second balls to win? Yes. Can we better switch? I think I am. So there are a lot of things that we can do to PSV a difficult evening. That we have done before and that is what the boys want. I am convinced that we are there tomorrow.’

Groenendijk same basisploeg play for the interlandperiode with 2-4 at Excelsior won.

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