Yvon Jaspers wants more attention for rural areas on tv

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Would prefer Yvon Our farm, which is now in the winter was turned, at the same time to record the program on the to love for aspiring farmers. “We have to be even more puzzling, the spring and summer are the most beautiful periods in the countryside,” she says against BuzzE.

Threaten that they have no new series of Farmer wants a wife would make it without Our farm, where you can see what it is really like on a farm, did Yvon do not. “With Farmer wants a wife we have over the past fourteen years, a beautiful stage built for the farmers, but that goes for the romance. It is the task of the public broadcaster to things to indicate, depth to topics where we all have to deal with. I see it as a big chance to be a successful program to deepen and more content to pass by Our farm next to them.”


The farmers tell you about their companies, according to Yvon, the least we can do. Because what the farmers have to say, is ’very important’. “What we have with our landscape, how we use the food supply can be sustainable, how we ensure that we have the ground not to make soap to help”, says Yvon easily. “That we can never lose in Farmer wants a wife, because that was about love. I am a maker lit by the agricultural story and how great that theme is. I can’t settle with one program and not the other.”

If Yvon is to be Farmer wants a wife, which, from Sunday night again on tv at KRO-NCRV on NPO 1, and Our farm, that in the spring four weeks on the tube, equivalent programs. “I wish to build, there is still further to go,” she says about Our farm. “Now we have ten, twelve farmers really the word left, I know there are a thousand.” In terms of viewing figures expected Yvon is not that both programs are equivalent. “We were now on a Sunday-night item on the fosfaatproblematiek”, she laughs. “We will never achieve what we do with Farmer wants a wife, but that’s not necessary.”

Yvon can be ’one hundred’ programs on local farmers. “But if public broadcasting is not. The media are very focused on the randstad, but the largest part of the Dutch population lives there. There is an invaluable amount of programs for people in the province. I would like the focus to shift from the randstad to the countryside.”

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