Vlemmix: “Where is mrs. Mine doing!?’

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Johan Vlemmix is ready with Patricia Mine: “I even have my vacation should call it off.”

Mine is claiming damages of 30.000 euro from Vlemmix, that a life-sized sex doll of the former singer on the market, wanted to bring. The case was scheduled for 28 August, but because her lawyer Johan Langelaar had withdrawn, had La Mine is looking for a replacement. And after his successor J. H. Weermeijer afhaakte, came the polderdiva at the last moment – they had until Wednesday – with a lawyer his majesty Alaca on the gpu.

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“I didn’t expect, because I recently received a letter from mr. Weermeijer, who said that he wanted to talk,” says Vlemmix to The Telegraph. “He believed actually also not really in this case, to which my lawyer responded: ‘We want to fix, but there are now so many costs. If you pay legal costs, then it is ready for us.’ Look, I have here also not to be asked. It may be that you have a joke that is not good at the other. But I do not find you there, then someone should sue. I have that pop nota bene never made it!”

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Holiday cancelled

The self-proclaimed Oranjekenner to even say his vacation to let off, because he had to keep for the case. “And now I must again, all data clear. Also in the business field, I am here not happy. All my trade is fucked up. Also my lawyer is done with it, he is already so often to the court went. I really think: where is mrs. you are Mine doing?”

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Although Vlemmix is willing to reconnect with the counterparty to the table for a possible solution, he refuses to have anything of Mine to pay. “I’ve been offered everything and do nothing to get – all the costs that I’ve made myself, the days I have recorded my vacation that I cancelled… I want nothing of her. But my lawyer said: ’Listen, I want my costs to be paid.’ And that cost must be mrs. you are Mine to pay, because she is the one in which the case is started, not me.”

Lawyer Alaca confirm to this newspaper his appointment, but indicates further not on the substance of case to want to respond. The court will soon have a new date for the hearing to determine.

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