Vin Diesel reflects on birthday deceased colleague Paul Walker

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Also the brother of Paul shared on social media a tribute

Vin Diesel has died, The Fast and The Furious co-star Paul Walker to be honored on the day on which he 45 would have become.

Paul, who, along with Vin, 51, the leading roles played in the popular films, died in 2013 when he was with a Porsche Carrera GT crashed.

Paul would be last Wednesday, 45 and, therefore, placed Vin a touching Instagram tribute.

The actor from Riddick placed a picture of himself with Paul.

Cody, the younger brother of the deceased actor, honored Paul is also on social media. Below a video in which he presents his annual Game4Paul-game announced, that he money download for Reach Out Worldwide, ” wrote Cody: “Today you are 45, we love you, miss you and try to honor as good and as evil as it can.”

On the day of his death, were Paul and his brother at a car show for charity.

Fans of Fast and the Furious, put up an online tribute to the star, that Brian O’Connor played a policeman who was a career move made to street-racer.

He died during the filming of Furious 7. Cody and their other brother Caleb replaced him for the film to complete his remaining scenes to play, giving producers the face of the late actor digital on their image could put.

His character was not in the movie killed, and his two brothers and sisters have expressed the wish to make their brother’s life on the white cloth with scenes for new movies and the Furious 7 trick to do it again.

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