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The people of brussels made the program of 30th heritage Open days

894b470b7a0ce64842e725906ff6a37b - The people of brussels made the program of 30th heritage Open days

The heritage Open days this weekend take place completely in the character of the citizens, because it was the Inhabitants themselves that the program have determined after a call for proposals. Under the motto ‘The heritage, that we are! ‘ is a voyage of discovery along the monuments of the inhabitant of Brussels close to your heart.

The call for proposals was a great success, because there were 95 proposals selected that the visitors of the heritage Open days to discover the capital. It was a diverse selection of well known or less well known monuments in combination with unusual or surprising projects and initiatives.

In the Solvay library, a gem of art nouveau architecture, is there a Chuuut party organized for the visitor with the deaf community in an original way met. The project Happy evere after – the bricks, speak, involved the whole district of Platon in a project by artist Chad Keveny. That sets a route, via temporary work, which are exhibited on the walls of the houses. The visitor learns in addition to the architecture is also something about the residents themselves.

In the Meyboom in addition to the Zuidpaleis the folkloric traditions such as the wheel of fortune, the horse Godet and the Brussels giants, which are recognized as Unesco heritage, in the spotlight. A mandenweefster and a lacemaker demonstrate there at the same time, their craftsmanship.

As every year the audience is in the info centre in the Sint-Place the whole weekend, welcomed by the Directorate of Monuments and Landscapes.

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