The Inspector of Radio 2 experienced terrifying morning

23be070538d21d590ecd75ca69d495e5 - The Inspector of Radio 2 experienced terrifying morning

Sven Pichal, that the program ‘The Inspector’ presents on Radio 2 experienced an unusual Thursday morning. That morning saw the presenter suddenly an unknown woman on the range of his car to sleep, writes The Newspaper. Already a number of days the batteries of Sven’s car key not more and so, it is allegedly perfectly possible that his car was not closed. To be sure that it is his car, he was the license plate even two times a day, check.

The radio host was still not assured, because for the same money it was someone having a knife with him, had him waiting in his car. When he had his car opened he smelled a alcohol odour. The woman wakkerschudden succeeded, but not, that Sven, but harder began to speak. Only after a few minutes, when the presenter it had threatened to call the police, there came a reaction of its side. On Sven’s question of how she in his car had come he got the answer that he would better know than her. They claimed that he was her night had picked up and had left in his car. Nonsense, of course! But after lighting a cigarette, she told that they can return to place of residence in Merksem.

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