Sven Gatz to antidepressants

Usually do familiar faces of their great confessions in Gert Late Night during the Bedgeheimen with James Cooke, but Sven Gatz trusted earlier this week his guests something: he fights for 20 years with chronic depression and takes this medication. “One-third of the population has sooner or later to a depression in me that was suddenly on my thirtieth. I was like a member of parliament elected, and was immediately flown. I always took, but more, I could everything. But that turned out not to be so. On a day bots you’re up against a wall and then you hear from your mother that she has and that it is innate. In the beginning I was tired and I had nowhere even interested in. Things that you previously liked, said to me suddenly, nothing more. Then, it became increasingly worse and went to my stressmeter broken and I went in the red. I woke up to 5-6 hours in the morning, got angstmomenten although there is no reason for it. That was quite oppressive. I was at a meeting not sit, I was restless. Apparently, the people who have often inherited, my mother had this a couple of times. I had just as my mother cope. “

Over his children; “I have them told but that is a bit double, you want them also not afraid. Because if you don’t know what it is if you never had have you nothing to propose. Your identity is exactly downsized, you are half the man you was before.”

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