So do Gordon, Ria Bremer and Twan Huys the

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Ria Bremer

On his new program Gordon in Wonderland voted 118.000 more people, which the entertainer with 799.000 viewers the best score on prime time.

Gordon did a little better than Mr. Frank Visser, drive business, that on SBS6 707.000 viewers attracted. RTL 5 fell, meanwhile, with the second episode of Adam seeks. Eva VIPS. The naked quest for love van turner Jeffrey Wammes was good for 271.000 viewers, 136.000 less than the first broadcast last week.

Twan Huys, scribbled something on his RTL Late Night. The talk show continued on Tuesday to a record low down with 366.000 viewers but it was Wednesday again by 484.000 people are viewed.

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