Police sweeps ’bruinkoolbos’ at Hambach empty

KERPEN – The police of North Rhine-Westphalia is with the use of a lot of men started with the clearing of the ’bruinkoolbos’ in Hambach, between Limburg and Cologne. Conservationists held the spot for many years occupied in order to prevent the power company RWE, the landscape could ruin for the sake of open mining. Special units took Thursday the first activists from the tree and broke constructions that all that time, were tolerated.

RWE wants the Hambacher forest in the autumn largely harvest to lignite to win. The boomhuttenvolk grew to be a symbol of the resistance. Even now, the members will not sit by and watch. They announced, in response to the wiping of the area of “civil disobedience” and “national mobilisation of the masses”.

According to the police, they put those words force the agents to shoot with slingshots and pelting it with molotov cocktails. The riots became an officer slightly wounded, a car was severely damaged. Three demonstrators are arrested. Elsewhere were peaceful protestors on the roads leading down and held for as long as possible blocked.

The authorities gave as the reason for the eviction and demolition was not planned reclamation of the area. The ministry that the state is responsible for housing and spatial planning said that the tree is not protected against fire. The stairs were missing.

Zegslieden of the organizations ’Ende Gelände’ (End of Field) and ’Aktion Unterholz’ (Operation Brushwood) agreed that as a nonsense. “We fight for a climate neutral future, and demands immediate withdrawal of the police”, said “boomkraker’ Momo. In the district court of Cologne are several emergency procedures applied for the eviction to stop. Through social media, his supporters called this weekend massive action.

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