Poland wants no penalty for Hungary

d978e716daaa49e616924336629df545 - Poland wants no penalty for Hungary

WARSAW – Poland wants to avoid European sanctions are set against Hungary. Measures against member states of the European Union according to the Polish ministry of Foreign Affairs only means that the divisions in the EU increases. “As a result, citizens’ trust in European institutions.”

Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

A majority of the European parliament voted Wednesday for the activation of the toughest criminal proceedings against Hungary. The developments in the former eastern bloc country to form a ’systemic threat’ to the European values, the european parliament.

The ministry says that “every country the sovereign right of the internal reforms that it deems appropriate.” It does not come as a surprise that Warsaw support in favour of the government of the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban. Against Poland is also an article 7 procedure, which is activated by the European Commission.

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