Michelle Obama’s ’little bang’ for openness in book

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Michelle Obama

“I am very honest in what I have written, it is exactly who I am,” said the former First Lady. Obama also announced the ten U.s. cities to visit for her book to promote and that takes them big. She presents herself and her book in ten large function rooms available instead of local bookstores, so that more people can reach. “I hope others will be inspired to feel their voices count and their own story. It’s not about the big moments in life, but rather the smaller things. That shapes you as a person and make you unique.”

“In the period after I was away from the White House, I have taken the time to really think about who exactly the people are that have me inspired me and influenced the person that I today am. And what stories and experiences these amounts,” said Michelle.

Becoming appears on 13 november. That day begins Obama her boektournee in Chicago, the city where she was born and raised. Then she travels to Los Angeles, Washington D. C., Boston, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Detroit, Denver, San Jose and Dallas.

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