Ken Loach begins with the recording of “Sorry We Missed You”

81250935d05ddaf56e8d7a2f8ea2c535 - Ken Loach begins with the recording of "Sorry We Missed You"

At the beginning of this week in Newcastle and the shooting started from “Sorry We Missed You”, the latest film project of the British director Ken Loach. The film will be next year in Britain and Ireland come true, reports the trade magazine Variety.

The award-winning director of “I, Daniel Blake,” bring in this film the story of a family that is struggling with a hefty mountain of debt, the result of unemployment after the financial and economic crisis of 2008. The paterfamilias tries to get his family out of the financial doldrums to pick up by a van to buy and to work as a self-employed courier.

For the realization of this print works with Loach again collaborated with screenwriter Paul Laverty and producer Rebecca O’brien. In the role of father Ricky, we see Kris Hitchen, who previously had a small role in the Loach film “The Navigators” from 2001. The mother and two children are respectively played by Debbie Honeywood, Katie Proctor and Rhys Stone.

The recording of “Sorry We Missed You” will be six weeks long and take place in and around the British city of Newcastle. The production is supported by BBC Films and the British Film Institute.

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