Kate Moss is posing nude is not fun

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Kate Moss

As a teenager, she felt even pressured to be topless or nude posing. “Yes, I felt the pressure, absolutely. I worked with a female photographer, Corinne Day, and they wanted me to always top. I thought that was not at all fine when I first started in the profession,” says Kate, who broke through with a campaign for Calvin Klein in which she is also naked. “That campaign was shot by my then-boyfriend Mario Sorrenti, so that felt different, more familiar.”

In the years that followed posed Moss is frequently naked, but really nice is she never going to find. “It is a part of the subject, since I am aware of. But still early I always, or I maybe something could pull. Young models of today should not feel pressured into if they do not want to do. My daughter is now fifteen and now I think it’s really a ridiculous idea that I at that age already topless was posing.”

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