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IOTA-expert Tobias Zeitler in the BTC-ECHO Podcast

1d6be5e5512ba54831b45a30630cdbd8 - IOTA-expert Tobias Zeitler in the BTC-ECHO Podcast

IOTA is promises to be all the rage, and the Tangle, to revolutionize the world again. What is it with IOTA, really, what are the possibilities it offers and what you can do today, you can find out Podcast this week in BTC-ECHO.

IOTA and the Tangle

Especially in Germany, IOTA enjoys great popularity. Finally, a large part of the IOTA Foundation and Co is located in Berlin-Founder Dominik Schiener was already sitting at the Markus Lanz show. The Tangle is the basic structure of IOTA and the Equivalent of the Blockchain in Bitcoin. The function of the Tangle and Blockchain. The Tangle is designed for the Internet of Things and the communication of Sensors and machines. In addition, to let more information transfer than just Coins and tokens. The Tangle is so views of a connected, distributed world. How the detail works and where the challenges are, explains Tobias Zeitler in today’s episode of the BTC-ECHO Podcasts.

Tobias Zeitler, IOTA-expert

Tobias Zeitler, aka TobiMZ, founds a company for the implementation of the IOTA technology company. Not only is he in the IOTA-Telegram-Community, active, but also deals with the technology of IOTA. After he had studied the technical Details of the Tangles, he set himself to the work and programmed it with a friend the IOTipbot. With this Telegram application can send a Telegram users IOTA back and forth, without the need for direct Wallet address.

Show notes of the episode

  • Guest: TobiMZ & on LinkedIn
  • Website: Tangle-Visualization
  • Website: IOTA Stackexchange
  • Media article: The Tangle explained
  • Media Article: The IOTipBot
  • Documentation for developers
  • IOTA Developer Hub
  • Website: einfachIOTA
  • Video: Tobi is an Interview about Qubic
  • Telegram-group: IOTA English

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