Injured by avalanche on famous Greek beach

005eca21b80351f50c2fff68a4fb5817 - Injured by avalanche on famous Greek beach

ATHENS – Several people were injured by a landslide on a popular beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos. The Greek broadcaster ERT message by the onslaught of high waves emerged. It would also boats with vacationers are turned.

The avalanche were high waves

In Greek media to circulate images of the incident. To show how a portion of a rock wall release and down deposit. Strandgasten store in a panic on the flight. To the extent that became known, no one buried, but the authorities find out as a precaution with the dogs on the beach.

Local officials say that for sure seven people were injured. Most of the victims had only minor injuries have been incurred.

The Navagio beach is a popular attraction on the island, because of the presence of a shipwreck. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs and can only be reached by boat.

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