Hurricane ’Florence’ reached US and set coastal white

WASHINGTON – While the whole of America for Friday, his heart hold, to speak the video footage of the damage that hurricane Florence now already does in the US volumes. North Carolina is plagued by floods.

So do Americans see their homes not like.

On video footage of local news sites is to see how the streets are completely flooded. Houses and roofs are fighting against the wind gusts. A brave inhabitant of the island of Hatteras remains standing, with great difficulty. The water sloshed over the dunes.

“And yet, this is only the foreplay,” says correspondent Jan Postma from Washington. “You see the first signs. The hurricane covers really a huge area, so it is difficult to give: at 10: 30 a.m. he comes on land, for example. But view the images. It is already heavy.”

In the town of Topsail Beach residents, the disaster filmed. Their house is turned upside down, a bike is to ship, while the water on the veranda flows. Everywhere are mattresses and chairs. Also a container lost the battle.

Annoying for the residents there, but the biggest damage comes later. “Come tomorrow the biggest problems, around Friday afternoon, Dutch time,” says Postma. “And it is not expected that it still lasts a few days, because the hurricane is big.”

That Florence has weakened to category 2, says little, says Postma. “Where mainly for warning of the rain. They expect a lot of water. Therefore, are likely also the problems in the interior,” says Postma. “That are often remote areas, out of date, with poor infrastructure and electricity cables not underground.”


Meanwhile, similar signs from the heavens bad. According to the latest updates hurtling the hurricane ’just’ further, and, in addition, a first iconic victim created: an American flag on a drilling rig was in two, torn.

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