Gabourey Sidibe wants the debate about large sizes change

Gabourey Sidibe was a keynote speaker at Curvy Con

Gabourey Sidibe fight for more visibility of large sizes.

The American actress last week was a keynote speaker at The Curvy Con in New York, an event with a different look and style offered during the Fashion Week.

Before them on the stage came to her speech, revealed the actress opposite of Teen Vogue that designers often refuse her clothing to give because they are ‘too thick’.

They also said that they had the chance an opportunity to take part in the Curvy Con-call in 2018.

“Although we are on the road to more visibility for people with a larger size, there is still a lot of resistance”, she explained. “So it is important to continue to fight to remain visible until the conversation changes and it no longer is about our body is because I not only my body, I’m a complete person.”

Earlier this year, told Gabourey how she struggles with choosing an outfit for rodeloperevenementen because she is afraid what people about her clothing will say.

During the MAKERS conference in February in Hollywood said the 35-year-old Empire-a star that, no matter what she wears, people will be bars on social media.

“It is very difficult for you to prepare for the ceremonies if I know that I am by my weight, fun of by others”, sighed she. “If I purple wear, someone will be me Barney (the dinosaur from the kinderbeurs Barney & Friends) .If I white wear, a frozen turkey. As I red wear, a pitcher of Kool-Aid. These are real tweets that I have received.”

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