Fury in German football after Hitlergroet

912a2a696ee41c7538e25f251cd4633a - Fury in German football after Hitlergroet

A team picture for the eternity, so you can SC 1920 Myhl for the new season to describe. The club recently got a new sponsor, the kebabzaak of one Engin Arslan. Who then asked the players to a new elftalfoto to make, because the previous one had the old sponsor on the blue uniforms.

Arslan asked the players to make it a ’fun’ picture of it and shared the picture then proudly on Facebook. With seven players so a Hitlergroet release for his cause.

Then arose, of course, a lot of fuss, and the photo was quickly taken offline. The club decided to immediately have a new sponsor to search, and put seven players (between 18 and 27 years old) on the street.

Big mistake

“When we realized it, we immediately a meeting organised”, said president Marc Winkens against BILD. “According to the norms and values of our club, we could do nothing else than these members to dismiss. I think that this is how we have acted.”

The man behind the kebabzaak apologized immediately. “It was a big mistake of me and therefore, I offer to everyone my apologies. Also at the club. Unfortunately, if this does not help. I am sorry for those football players”, she said.

Also the players in question excuseerden and asked not racist. They do have a research on their pants for the use of “illegal symbols”.

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