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For the first time video footage of inappropriate behaviour Harvey Weinstein

For the first time since the film producer Harvey Weinstein in time to come, due to rape and sexual harassment, there are video surfaced. That is to see is how he seems to be a business woman, and with her flirt.

Sky News picked up Wednesday night with the images. Melissa Thompson filmed the zakenmeeting from september 2011 in the premises of the Weinstein Company with the webcam of her laptop.

Thompson was 28 when she got to the Weinstein Company pulled. They wanted to make the new video and statistical service provided her start-up proposals and thought that the presentation would do for the marketingploeg. She was, however, received by Harvey Weinstein only, that the door will close and all staff are asked to not to disturb. On the images is to see how he became the woman in his arms and over the back hair.

Weinstein asks a moment later, or he has the right to flirt’ with Thompson. The young woman replies: ‘We’ll see. A little bit.’ Thompson seems to be the advances of the filmmaker and not immediately reject. “I don’t think I have him purposely have encouraged’, says she is in front of Sky News. “I think it was a combination of confidence and naivety, in all of these dynamics have led. (…) I wanted the discussion not to ruin it.’


According to Thompson Weinstein her shortly after the zakenmeeting taken to a hotel room and its there raped. The woman thought that the film producer, the deal was wrapping up. She tells that Weinstein against her said that she would meet us in the lobby of the hotel. That turned out not to be, and in the hotel room, he would have her raped.

Thompson is one of the women, in June a collective complaint of rape was submitted against Weinstein. According to his lawyer Ben Brafman, she tries with the video to her position in the proceedings against his client. He believes that Thompson only on money. “The video shows that mr. Weinstein is no mandatory behavior, but that both parties flirting is,” the lawyer said.

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