Finals just need to penetrate to Glennis Grace

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The American public was allowed about twelve hours to vote after the semi-final of Tuesday night, in which the singer of the song This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush sang. They finished fourth, which meant that the three participants was that within a half hour the most votes should get to still go to the finals of the show. In addition, judges Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel also an act from.

“I made me not really care very much”, confesses the Amsterdam, that the evening before, rave reviews had received from the jury. “I only had a small stressmomentje when my Instagram stopped and I could not call to vote. Luckily, that was quickly resolved.”

They found that the aid of the jury is not required to have, because the American public voted in again in droves to the Dutch. The singer can now focus on the finals, with nice side-effect: son Anthony comes to Los Angeles in the final. “Yes really crazy. I knew the whole time that if I were in the final would be, there had to be.”

Preparations in full swing

Because the finals is already next Tuesday takes place, have the first preparations have already taken place. “But that’s true for all candidates to hear. You only have a few days so they are already doing. There must be a plan.”

Yet the fact that they are now really in the final is still countries, she says. “That I had earlier times, when I realized I immediately though of: okay, once again we are a round further. But now I have the idea that it’s still not all the way to me getting through.” Laughing: “I am very quiet. I feel like I’m much too relaxed. I think I get it just not yet.”

Secretly, she thinks most of the period after the final. “Whether I win or not, there are a lot of new plans. I have requests for shows in America, and even beyond. These images will, of course, the whole world over, so we get everywhere requests.” Also, the Netherlands is still on the program. “I’m going there in October my Whitney Houston tribute do, I’m also very much looking forward to.”

But first, so that final next Tuesday and Wednesday. About the precise plans she can, just as the past few weeks, not much to say. “The only thing that I can promise is that I, as I always do, everything is go. That will also be needed if you are facing the talents if you are Courtney Hadwin and Michael Ketterer. I’m going to give everything what I have, that is all I can do.”

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