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‘Down the road’ and ‘Sorry for everything’ win Golden Rose

The One programs ‘Down the road’ and ‘Sorry for everything’ Thursday, each with a Golden Rose award. That reports One.

In ‘Down the road’ follows Dieter Coppens six people with Down’s syndrome. The program was nominated in the category ‘reality and factual’, along with ‘Boligkøb i blind’ from Denmark, ‘Finding an army’ from Sweden and ‘Conflict’ from the Netherlands.
In ‘Sorry for everything’, nominated in the category ‘game show’, an ordinary Flemish citizen for a month, followed by using a hidden camera. The One programme, presented by Adriaan Van den Hoof, is a production of Warner Bros Belgium, and previously won an Emmy Award. This time it was Van den Hoof up against the tv shows ‘What would your kid do?’ and ‘5 gold rings’ from the Uk and the ‘Big bounce battle’ from Germany.

Golden rose

The Golden Rose awards ‘originality, quality and creativity in entertainment programmes in tv and new media’. The 57th edition of the prestigious awards took place in Berlin. Up to now won only three Flemish programmes is a Golden Rose: ‘What If?’ in 2013, ‘Benidorm Bastards’ in 2010 and ‘The Mole’ in 2000.

Also the Flemish tv-programs, “Ge had to be there’ (VTM) was on Thursday nominated. It was in the category ‘comedy’ against the British ‘Cunk on Britain’, ‘Trixie ‘ Wonderland’ from Germany and the Swedish ‘Grotesco’seven masterpieces’ and had to be beaten for that last program.

In Ge had to be there’ in a well-known Flemish people, their most surprising story out of the paintings. While they talk, play the starring Ruth Beeckmans, Sven De Ridder, Ben Segers and Stefaan Degand together with well-known guest actors and the story after.

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