’Dalai Lama met misbruikslachtoffers’

c36afd580ce5c354171644e24468983e - ’Dalai Lama met misbruikslachtoffers’

Amsterdam – The Dalai Lama on Friday in the Netherlands met with victims of sexual abuse by buddhist teachers. Thus he responded to the urgent appeal that the twelve victims made him. As far as is known this is the first time that the Dalai Lama with misbruikslachtoffers to the table. That reports the NOS.

“His Holiness the Dalai Lama was saddened to hear about the sexual abuse that students have ago by buddhist teachers,” writes his secretary Tseten Samdup Chhoekyapa, according to the NOS in an e-mail to the Dutch victims.

The secretary also writes that the Dalai Lama “constant such irresponsible and unethical conduct has failed.”

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