Couples throw themselves on the female orgasm

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The female orgasm, it is a subject that even between partners, is not often discussed. Couples want the taboo to the world, and wants the male participants to help their partner to a still higher climax.

Clinical seksuologe and clinical psychologist, Chloé De Bie: “We gave the couples the command to work together for once to look on That is a site that focuses on female sexuality and the female orgasm. The website is quite ingenious in a row. On the one hand, you get a lot of info about female sexuality, not by experts but by ordinary women who tell what they like. In addition, you get movies about how women satisfy.”

Participant Lars: “I really thought, oh that goes here informative, because on the first web page is still nothing explicitly. But the first time I doorklikte, was someone literally with her legs open.”

Explicitly, the website can be mentioned. share not only the knowledge of 2000 women, but also goes a step further. You can what you learn is in the practice, by practicing on your tablet. A tablet do to cum? It can, in Couples on Thursday the 13th of september at 21.45.

Couples, Thursday at 21.45 on VTM.

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