Bloody collision of China was ‘wraakpoging’

11ef5c5f39ce360040fb2129a2f776ea - Bloody collision of China was 'wraakpoging'

BEIJING – The driver who rammed a crowd in the Chinese city of Hengyang, had a long criminal record and wanted to “take revenge on society.” That is to say the authorities, who reported eleven dead and 44 wounded.

The driver was driving Wednesday evening on a busy square in the city. He then moved off to people to attack it with a knife and a shovel. To movies is to see how people lifeless in the square. Others try to themselves manage to run to safety.

Chinese media have earlier post that the alleged perpetrator is a 54-year-old man. He could be held. The authorities in Hengyang to say that the defendant in the past was convicted for drug trafficking, theft and violent crimes. Therefore he wanted, according to the government’s revenge on the society.

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