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Belgian Lions beat Portugal after thriller with one point in prekwalificaties for european basketball

b655966318e07a6fa139a1578566296f - Belgian Lions beat Portugal after thriller with one point in prekwalificaties for european basketball

The Belgian Lions have in Pepinster Portugal with 66-65 reports on the first day of the prekwalificaties for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS basketball 2021. It was the official debut of coach Dario Gjergja.

A pack of Lions cancelled for this match, including the best players. The Spanish clubs gave their players (Van Rossom, De Zeeuw and Tumba) are not free. Obasohan and Salumu are injured.

It was the first official match with the new coach, the Croat Dario Gjergja, at the helm. He started with Tabu, Serron, Vanwijn, Gillet and Boukichou. And that five came scorching out of the starting blocks. 13-0 after less than four minutes. Portugal came later in the match, but could in the first quarter of the nothing more than limit the damage: 23-14. The bank of the Lions came on the field, Gjergja rotated posteriorly very good, and then it went a little less smoothly for the Lions. Portugal came back to within seven points, but an excellent last minute with three quick outbreaks (Serron, Vanwijn and Gillet) made for a reassuring 41-26-idle mode.

After the break, it began in Portugal more than triples to shotten than that the tweepunters undertook and supplies: 53-48. Gillet gave everything in attack and defense, and after a great movement of Lecomte sttond the 60-51, but the experience of Portugal was a tough creature. First came the back to 58-54, and then the even 64-64 with 1 minute 20 seconds on the clock. Shiver is in the final stages. Portugal could finish, but the Lions did well on the slot, and that, without errors, according to the referee. 66-65 is the end position.

In a group with Iceland, Belgium needs to first end up when it directly wants to place for the qualifiers for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2021. Finish them second or last, then they get next summer a second chance. Next event for the Lions is on november 29 in Iceland.

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