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Arbeidsauditoraat opens investigation into case-Fabre

The auditeur of Antwerp start an investigation of the allegations of sexual misconduct against the company of Jan Fabre.

Twenty (former) employees have Fabre and his company Troubleyn Thursday in an open letter accused of sexism, abuse of power and misconduct. As a result of that letter will start the auditeur of Antwerp in a criminal investigation.

“We have read the letter and in consultation with the public prosecutor of Antwerp, we have decided to open an investigation,” explains Pieter’s Taste of the arbeidsauditoraat. ‘Harassment and sexual harassment, to start. The research should reveal if there are still additional matters to bring it to light. It is a research that is emanating from the arbeidsauditoraat. The prosecutor refers to us, so it seems to me that they no investigation will start up. But that they need to communicate.’

“We charge either by the inspectorate or the police now with a research, depending on who is the most appropriate’, indicates Wyckaert the further procedure. During this research, we will be the subjects examined, so this may take a while.’

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