Actor Bart “Waldek” Van Avermaet under the knife

6d89c718300d3592a502eaa4b4ed0ed0 - Actor Bart "Waldek" Van Avermaet under the knife

Bart Van Avermaet, in Flanders known thanks to his role as the Polish plumber Waldek Kozinsky from the one-soap “at Home”, has recently launched an emergency surgery to undergo on his eye. His retina was detached, he told in “Van Gils & Guests”.

The actor was a presenter Lieven Van Gils addressed in a eye quite red, a result of the operation. The redness had nothing to do with the emotions surrounding his departure from the soap “at Home,” said Van Avermaet. His character Waldek was very popular with fans, but was this week from the series written.

According to Van Avermaet was almost no one at the height of his departure, even colleagues. Whether he ever returned to appear in the series, wanted the actor does not confirm. “I got up this morning at the airport of Charleroi, with a ticket to Krakow in the hand. I’ve called off and is now here”, he joked.

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