Woman buys nepbuik and accuses ex of rape

LONDON – A woman must justify before the judge after they have a pregnancy fakete and her ex accused her of rape. The ex-girlfriend bought via Amazon a silicone belly to her story.

The woman and her companion were in love, but this did not end well

Jessica Nordquist (25) learned her ex Mark Weekes know at work. They worked both in the advertising agency Unruly. The two were three months together, until it became clear that they were not so good together fit. After their break-up sent the woman gewelddagige and lying emails to her ex and their colleagues in a desperate cry for attention, reports The Sun.

Remarkable search

But she held it not. Also accused them Mark of rape and ordered them a nepbuik to a pregnancy to fake. The London police took in January the phone and iPad of the woman. This was, among others, the search nepbaby’s’ is found.

The accused woman denied to the judge something to have to deal with the charges of stalking and the spreading of defamatory e-mails.

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