Watch season 3 of Luther from 22 september on BBC First!

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John Luther, is an inspector in the police. He is the most cruel and bizarre cases, and know each to his own, not-to-follow method to come to a solution. In addition, he’s still all free to with the usual rules and procedures, something that not all agents are equally happy with.

In this season, are young women in London the purpose of a cut-up fetisjist. The killer has already struck, and Luther is convinced that he continues to murder until he is picked up. But the best detective of London has a other case in the investigation: the murder of a internetkwelgeest. A lot of the work is not luther’s only problem. His life is further complicated when it turns out that his own colleagues are the worst enemies are and that they are willing to each line of the code to break to let him fall…

Luther Season 3 (4 episodes), from Saturday 22 september to 22 on BBC First!

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