Trump warns of hurricane Florence: “He is a very big’

WASHINGTON – The U.s. federal government is ready for the arrival of hurricane Florence. ,,We are ready as never before”, said president Donald Trump, after consultation with the department of Homeland Security and the federal disaster agency FEMA. ,,He is going to be a whole big”, he was referring to the hurricane. ,,He is huge and wet”.

Trump has every confidence in a good outcome, although there was recently a storm of criticism was the action of the president and FEMA in the rampenjaar 2017. Hurricane Maria demanded on Puerto Rico thousands of lives and hurricane Harvey put the city of Houston under water. According to a earlier this month published research report failed to FEMA in the provision of adequate housing for victims, provided the service is unsatisfactory for financial aid and she did too little to prevent fraud.

The president and FEMA were on Tuesday passed the hard conclusions in the research. ,,Puerto Rico was an amazing little-known success,” said Trump. He got applause from the FEMA-boss Jeff Byard. I am convinced that the answer is in 2017 was good and I am confident that this time too.” However, he cautioned that this is not an ordinary storm, where we in a few days to recover. We prepare ourselves for destruction.”

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