This is what your day looks like if you’re Mark Wahlberg are

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Mark Wahlberg is a real hollywood star but his life is currently a strict regime

Fear not: his alarm clock goes off every morning and night is a better word – at half past three. He gives himself apparently a quarter of an hour to wake up, and even then he still keeps the eyes closed for a prayer of half an hour. Then it is time to fill up the stomach with a good breakfast; a bit of energy for the workout of more than an hour and a half that follows.

Then there is still a meal, a nice shower – it should be according to the schedule one and a half hours – and then allowed the star to relax a half an hour golf. Between two snacks, it is then time for the cryo-chamber, the essence of his strict regime. Due to the extreme cold in this room and the shock that the body gets when the weather is at room temperature, the body quickly recover from the effort.

Schedule of Mark Wahlberg on the left, a photo of day 21 of his 47-day-challenge and right a picture of day 33


Please note: we are now only in the morning. After a snack, there is time for the family -fashion model Rhea Durham, and their children, Ella Rae (15), Michael (12), Brendan (9) and Grace (8) – that I should share it with other calendar items such as meetings and werktelefoontjes. After lunch, repeat the schedule as a bit of a reverse order, and there are still meetings, a second work-out of hours, pick up kids from school and again family time at the dinner on the grill. At half past eight, it’s already bedtime for the hollywood star.

But this regime must Wahlberg also on the old-fashioned way to recover, with rest and a massage, he left two days ago he on Instagram know; the body protests apparently still in much wrath. Yet it is worth: his body is becoming tighter, according to his posts from day 21 of the 47 and day 33 of the 47.

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