The fall: ten years after the crisis

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In the six-part series of The fall: ten years after the crisis makes financial journalist Michaël Van Droogenbroeck the balance sheet of the financial crisis of 2008. He does that on the basis of testimonies of protagonists and victims in the netherlands and abroad. He goes in search of causes and consequences, and also looks forward: is there a new crisis around the corner?

On september 15, 2008, the American investment bank Lehman Brothers go bankrupt. It was the beginning of a gigantic and global financial crisis. One bank after the other came in the problems. Billions of euros and dollars went up in smoke. Michaël Van Droogenbroeck was there and reported on television, from the places in the world where the blows fell, but especially in your own country.

Now, exactly ten years later, he reminisces on a number of key moments of the crisis. He does that on the basis of specific and often deeply humanizing stories from Belgium and abroad. He searches the places where the crisis is most struck: the United States, Iceland, Greece and Ireland. But also in Belgium, the financial debacle deep traces. Michael elaborates on causes and consequences, and provides insight into the economic state we’re in today. He asks whether such a crisis would be able to strike? And how? The euro(zone) in the game by a possible bankruptcy of Italy? And what would happen if the Chinese economy fails?

The stories come to life in new interviews with the ‘actors’ of the past. Political and economic heavyweights share how they dramatic period have lived. Financial toplui and policy makers do 10 years after the fact, their book open and they give their analysis away from the issues of the day.

Talk like Michael with Yves Leterme (former prime minister of Belgium), Didier Reynders (ex-minister of finance), Giorgos Papandreou (former prime minister of Greece), Workers Kenny (former prime minister of Ireland), Geir Hair (former prime minister of Iceland), Jeroen Dijsselbloem (former president of the Eurogroup), Etienne Davignon (ex-Fortis) Karel De Boeck (ex-Fortis), Jos Clijsters (Belfius, ex-Fortis), Jan Vanhevel and André Bergen (both ex-CEO of KBC).

In addition, there is in each episode is also attention for the consequences of the crisis for the common man, who could only suffer: how has the crisis at that time lived and how he goes, often until today, to the consequences?

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