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Sven Gatz: “My doctor said: you have a depression”

The flemish minister of Culture, Youth, Media and Brussels Sven Gatz (Open VLD) talked candidly about his years of battling depression in Gert Late Night. “My stressmeter is broken, but with medication I have it under control,” says Gatz.

Around the age of thirty got Gatz suddenly faced with depression. “I was just elected as member of parliament and took more and more responsibilities on me,” he says. Suddenly he was tired, and he lost interest in things after him to the heart layers. ‘Your identity is downsized, you are half the person you was previously. My doctor said me that I have a depression. He was urging me medication to take.’

First was the minister reluctant to pills. “I’m not mad, I thought. But after a lot of searching I have the right kind of antidepressant found.’

Gatz explains that his stressmeter is broken. “I live with them. I take a pill and my stress level stays better regulated.’


Thirty percent of people with depression, but according to the minister, there is still a huge taboo on the subject. He himself has also long been diagnosed fought. “I wanted to do it without medication. But around my 44th, I have me in my condition is laid down, ” says Gatz.

It is according to Gatz better to talk about it. ‘The subject is still taboo, people think you’re a weakling. But we all know someone who have had depression, or one will get’, said the minister.

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